Rockhampton North Cemetery Queensland Australia


These records have been collected over many years and the information comes from many different sources including books, historical indexes, micro fiche, compact disc.

I have split the cemetery records in to Country and then State or County for easy sourcing.

I have included what basic information is known about each cemetery as I can, and this may be added to as more comes to hand and records are updated.

I am happy to offer a look up service for these records that I have – please send the details of the ancestor or surname that you are searching for with as much information as you have about when they may have passed away. If all you have is a name, I can try that as well, but with some cemeteries, there are no indexes, or they are being created, which makes finding one individual that much more difficult.

Please know that what information can be provided varies from record to record. Some are very informative about a burial and the people who may be interred there, including dates and family information. Others may have little or no information at all.

I have created a icon index on each cemetery that will advise what source the information comes from and if photographs are available.
Information and photographs may increase over time as it is gained and correlated.

Please keep the number of ancestors you are look for to a maximum of 3.

I hope to add other look up services to this blog as time permits.

There are other services that under my hat as a professional genealogy researcher.


Record Format:

Type of Information:

Headstone Photograph:

Other Information:


Please be advised that the quality of each headstone or marker varies greatly. Some are very readable, others are faded and the lettering almost faded, making reading difficult.

Some markers are made of concrete, wood, metal or stone and over the years there has been damage, erosion and weathering of the monument. In a few cases there has been irreparable damage by a third party and some lettering may be missing.

Where possible, if there is a foreign inscription, I have included an English translation of that lettering. Translation has been done by a professional in the corresponding language.

Older Cemeteries

Please note that where possible, more than 1 photograph has been taken of each monument or marker.

The first being of the monument or marker as a whole and the second being the plaque or identifying information of the individual.

In a few cases, there may by up to 3 photographs where there is more than 1 plaque for the individual.

With each photograph I also enclose a copy of the inscription. Some of these were recorded by hand due to the poor state of the lettering.

New Cemeteries

Please note that in most of these cases, only one photograph has been taken of the plaque for each individual.

With each photograph I also enclose a copy of the inscription. Some of these were recorded by hand due to the poor state of the lettering.


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