Welcome to my new site called “Genealogy Genie”

Please bear with me as this site grows.  Initially, the idea is to provide a Cemetery Look Up Service, but I hope the span of records will increase with time.

I do hope to add other “interest” value pieces and tidbits from historical documents and newspapers as I can.

I have kept the categories as simple and spaced out as I can to help you navigate my pages.

I do genealogy because it is my passion, but it costs me to keep in contact with my agents and keep collecting records. I can be as flexible as you like and can work on a budget that suits you. After first initial research and it is clear that more research is required, I will permit in certain cases, clients to pay by small instalments as their financial situation allows.

If the research is long and complex and requires much correspondence overseas and other correlation, then the hourly fee would not apply and the fee would be negotiated on an individual basis.

I am also willing to look at any family trees that you may be working on and need assistance on where to go further or alternative avenues that may be explored. Fees for this service can be negotiated.

ADVICE ON IF I CAN HELP YOU – Free if possible.




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